Scott Hamerlinck



cat·​a·​lyst | \ ˈka-tə-ləst \

Definition of catalyst

1 : a substance that enables a chemical reaction to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions (as at a lower temperature) than otherwise possible

2 : an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

Traditional Resumé

Collins Aerospace

I'm surrounded by talented people, challenged every day, and my work supports the pilots of the United States Navy. This is home. Enough said.

  • Engineered and developed Java based, object oriented software for Military Aviation.
  • Accelerated to productivity and individual product mastery very quickly in an incredibly complex environment of intricate systems.
  • Greatly influenced team culture of collaboration in an Agile framework, resulting in increasingly predictable team performance and exceptional cooperation.
  • Demonstrated range and capability by supporting several troubled teams, and contributed to their return to continued timeliness of delivery and execution.
  • Invested in developing, training, and mentoring a budding new developer. I am incredibly proud of his growth and development.
  • Communicated effectively with department members of all ranks, from the routine standup, all the way to a systems demonstration for the VP of Mission Systems.

Collins Aerospace

University of Iowa Healthcare

UI Healthcare

  • Inspire departmental change and progress by proposing bold, innovative solutions. Demonstrate resilience and perseverance while implementing change.
  • Observe opportunities for business process improvement. Conceptualize, define, plan, requisition, and initiate systemic change regarding software and hardware platforms with broad campus implications.
  • Conceptualized and initiated FHIR compliant RESTful web application integration with Epic EHR.
  • Articulate personal, subordinate strategic vision and architecture to influence leaders. Adapt initiatives to work in parallel with departmental and organizational strategic vision.
  • Manage development projects by gathering requirements from stakeholders in multiple departments. Research potential solutions, and coordinate communication of issues and progress.
  • Create proposals, diagrams, and presentations to communicate highly technical ideas to non-technical peer and superior stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and suggest change management strategies to leaders. Diagnose observed issues and propose solutions to superiors.
  • Influence and invigorate peers and superiors to increase engagement through edification and encouragement.
  • Provide high level services as a programmer and technologist for Epic centered projects. Perform data normalization, systems integration, and supporting software troubleshooting.
  • Lead development and continually improve implementations as the go-to expert of multiple integrated applications and platforms: Epic/PFS Provider Management integration, Epic/Provider Management MUMPS extensions, Cirius Remit Manager/PERL integration tools/Epic integration, and several stand-alone remittance utility applications in VB, Python, and C#.

IDEX Marketing Shared Services

Small budgets, great expectations, uncommon creativity, exceptional results. This is IDEX MSS. Global brands need world-class marketing, and necessity is the mother of invention. The MSS department shares a handful of rockstar designers, analysts, developers, and a videographer amongst several of IDEX's 50-some and growing business units to control budgets, and I am proud to be one of those team members.

  • Concepted and supervised development of ‘Syndicated Content,’ an XHR/SOAP app that populates dilapidated distributor sites with fresher, more recent product data directly from our servers.
  • Prototyped ‘Smart Dev’ initiatives where web tools were reconstructed in Javascript, HTML, and CSS then published to Android, iOS, and Web via Adobe PhoneGap.
  • Co-Led Responsive Design adaptation at IDEX.
  • Managed, maintained, and developed for 10 Drupal Sites, 4 ASP Sites, 2 Websphere Sites, 1 Hybris B2B e-commerce solution.
  • Installed and maintained 2 Windows web servers running WAMP, and 4 Azure servers running LAMP.
  • Created custom or translated PHP, .Net, or Java code to integrate current business tools into newer technologies and interfaces.
Sergeant Hamerlinck

Real Estate Research Corporation

From rookie to Lead Programmer and Manager of Applications Development in 7 years. RERC provided excellent projects ranging from teeth cutting in a data reporting publication to living-in-the-fire management of a Valuation Management System that handled close to $20 billion in commercial real estate assets. (And we were accurate enough for the SEC.) Hundreds of lessons, loads of experience, RERC was my first paid programming gig.

  • Lead Programmer and project manager on a $500,000 data collection and reporting site for our largest client.
  • Initiated RERC offshoring practices to bolster depth and capacity, and served as liaison between contractors and the IT Director.
  • Spearheaded the Microsoft Partner Program at RERC; earned the Microsoft Small Business Specialist designation.
  • Successfully executed the planning and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SQL Server 2005, WSUS, SharePoint, and Exchange 2007.
  • Facilitated virtualization of server fleet.
  • Led teams charged to provide front-line and satellite support for hardware and software, including Adobe Creative Suite, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Macromedia Suite, Argus, Haver Analytics, Cisco Software VPN Clients, GoToMeeting, Symantec Antivirus Corporate, Symantec Mail Security, and Veritas Backup Exec.
  • Developed, implemented, and integrated a dedicated offsite hosting solution at remote access for administration level, managing the administration, updating, and maintenance for seven websites.
  • Facilitated the purchase and integration of Microsoft Exchange system.


Change and obsolescence are constantly breathing down a developer's neck. Advancements and improvements are always in front of our eyes. We need to calculate our intended position between these forces, and adapt accordingly. With that philosophy, I've had experience with the concepts and technologies below.

    • VB Classic + .Net
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Python
    • C#
    • MUMPS
    • OOP
    • MVC

    Languages & Concepts

    • RESTful Services
    • MS SQL
    • T-SQL
    • MySQL
    • XHR/JSON
    • SOAP
    • Excel/Access

    Data Sources

    • Google Tags
    • Google Optimization
    • Webmaster Tools
    • Silktide Nibbler


    • MCP in Windows Server
    • WAMP
    • Linux/Ubuntu
    • Azure VM, Storage
    • Amazon S3 and EC2
    • Exchange Admin
    • CRM Installation and Admin
    • Group Policy


    • Epic EHR
    • Hybris E-Commerce
    • Websphere
    • Drupal
    • Wordpress
    • Joomla

    Web Platforms

    • HTML and CSS
    • Javascript and jQuery
    • Responsive Design
    • Browser Compatibility (I !<3 IE)
    • Git
    • JIRA
    • Asana
    • Harvest


United States Marine Corps

I was once named Sergeant Hamerlinck, and was responsible for the health, welfare, and training of 22 subordinate Marines. I earned the privilege of learning a secondary occupation, Primary Marksmanship Instructor, in addition to my duties as a Field Radio Operator in the Artillery. The hardest lesson learned was to become a leader and supervisor of Marines who were my peers the day before, as few are promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

  • Awarded Meritorious Mast for leading Marine squad at Marine Combat Training Battalion, Camp Pendleton, CA.
  • Received Meritorious Mast for leading a class of Marines, and graduating at the head of the class at Marine Corps Communications Electronics School, Twentynine Palms, CA.
  • Awarded Battery C's Marine of the Year, 2001.

Sergeant Hamerlinck

Angry Cedar Brewing Co.

I once built a microbrewery with a dollar and a dream. What an adventure.

I loved the creation, the engineering, the science, the visitors, the BEER!! (The 90 hour weeks, the expenses, the overhead!!)

If I were to name the biggest factor why I didn't make it, I would say that I should have opened a pub on Main Street. I shouldn't have reached for statewide distribution. I don't regret the decision... my wife and I didn't want to work the late hours of a tasting room. But because of that we employed a disadvantaged business plan.

I took it pretty hard when we decided to sell it before it got ugly, but I find comfort in the wealth of experience I learned along the way. You can't get that kind of knowledge at a school. Hard learned lessons are lessons learned. And it cost me about as much as a Master's would have. Money well spent in my opinion.

  • Planned, assembled, and financed a local microbrewery.
  • Achieved cash flow.
  • Hired and trained a staff of two to manage daily operations.


Scott Hamerlinck