The grand intention was to make a Drupal/WAMP/Windows Server guide for training our team and making sure the setup is maintainable in my absence.

Second, I wanted a record of all the configuration changes I've made to the server for my own selfish reasons so that I can recall intentions, solutions, settings, and resources quickly.

Third, I wanted to help other folks who are slamming their heads against a wall trying to get WAMP to work. Honestly, it's a fight. We'll consider opening this up to the public at a later date.

Just to get this new server working in my basement, I had to rehash old ground and re-find resources and settings to get PHP_APC to work right. I think I wrecked 3 hours. I've got an idea for my first article.

Overall, I think learning any technology is a fight. Any brand of server software will have configuration settings to learn. Any programming language will have nuances and tricks to find. I think the purpose of a good developer is not to know every single detail about a single technology at a moment's notice, but to be able to solve problems efficiently and with any tools available.

That said, solving problems with WAMP, Windows, and Drupal is especially challenging. So I'll document the path I've taken.