Drupal's canned revision system is an excellent, easy to use tool that adds one more layer of backup/version control.

I'm not saying I'd depend on it completely, but I will say that it makes user error recovery ridiculously simple.

Case in point, a client was editing his content yesterday (this is crunch time, mind you) and we catch an email that says something to the effect of, "This page isn't showing up anymore! Red Alert!"
Thankfully, I had flicked the forced revisions on in the Structure->Content Type menu... after last week's "I think I accidentally deleted all the content in this page" email.
And not to rag on the client,... the poor guy committed to owning the content to save on budget. We trained him, but you're going to run into accidents in the real world nomatter what.

So in about five minutes, we had a name, date, and time that the page was unpublished (as well as a couple other things), and we were able to roll it back to its previous state with the click of a button.

Turn it on, sooner than later. There's not much cost at all!